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At Home

Castle Learning Online has great features for parents, kids, home schools and tutors.

Your child can benefit from Castle Learning even if his or her school has not yet subscribed on a school-wide basis. You can help your child(ren) strengthen areas of opportunity without being a subject-expert! We live in an “on-the-go” world. Castle Learning is prepared to meet students whenever and wherever they are connected to the internet.


Staying involved can be challenging, but we’ve worked diligently to make it as easy as possible with Castle Learning.


A Home Student subscription allows your child to access an array of review activities to supplement homework assignments and get assessment reports to help you and your child understand strengths nd in-class lessons.

Home School

Individual and Family subscriptions to Castle Learning Online are available, providing the same educational benefits as enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of traditional school students.


If you tutor students in Math, Science, Social Studies, English, Spanish or French, Castle Learning Online can help you and your students.

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