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Students face an increasingly great amount of pressure to perform at higher levels and standards in the academic world. The team members at Castle Learning believe that with the right tools and resources, every student can achieve higher levels of academic success.

Improve Performance

Students who utilize Castle Learning for self-generated practice in addition to teacher-provided assignments have greater results.

  • homework, quizzes, tests, and common assessments
  • for state testing
  • Practice foundational skills with unlimited questions

Get Instant Feedback

Having quality, helpful information at a student’s fingertips is an integral part of the review and assessment process.

  • point students in the direction of the right answer
  • explain why the correct answer is correct
  • provides definitions of key terms and concepts, and makes a great study sheet

Track Progress

Students can check on their progress to make sure they are completing tasks on time and review performance.

  • Incomplete assignments are on the home page
  • Self-generated sessions can be created for
  • Review past assignments to determine

State Testing Preparation

Confidence, practice, and positive reinforcement are helpful when it comes to building a strategy for successful test preparation.

  • Students taking assessments online
  • reinforces instruction to increase comprehension
  • Simulated assessments with state testing

Access Anywhere

We live in an “on-the-go” world. Castle Learning is prepared to meet students whenever and wherever they are connected to the internet.

  • No software download required
  • Access 24/7/365 from computer, tablet, or handheld device
  • Mobile site optimized for Smartphone interfaces

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